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About Us

How it all started…

I built the original cat door surround that finally started ‘The KATZ Class’ in 1984 to deal with the unpleasant odor emanating from two large litter boxes being used by our three cats. It solved the problem by providing access to our screened in porch while still preventing them from leaving the house. Since then, every cat owning friend or family member who has seen it has tried to coerce me into building one for them. Enough to actually start a business! Although it’s been moved four times since, it’s been in continuous use over the lifetime of five cats. And, except for regular cleaning, a couple of repaints and changing light bulbs, it’s been totally maintenance free. It’s even still using the original pet door flap. That’s why we build our products exactly the same way!

About Us…

We are a very small cottage industry specializing in custom built wood products for small pets. Every unit is specifically manufactured and assembled to the customers individual specifications. There is no storeroom or inventory. Our pet door surrounds start out as a sheet of plywood and a select pine board. The only sourced part is the actual pet door from a manufacturer who I feel makes the highest quality product of its kind on the market today. We’re very proud of the fact that our products are built from solid wood and hand assembled & finished entirely in the United States by Veterans. From the Industrial Designer who conceptualizes, thru the Mechanical Engineer who develops the concept, to the Master Cabinetmakers who build the units, we strive to provide you with a flawless and high quality product. So much so that we stand behind our products with a Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor. We also believe in direct customer relations. Should you have any questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, or especially need help with your pet door surround, just pick up the phone and give us a call. There is no customer service or technical assistance department. I usually answer the phone myself and enjoy hearing from our friends!


“Victorian Full Porch” Pet Door Surround


• The ‘Full Porch’ model is designed to be installed in a prominent location where space is not an issue and it can be seen and appreciated.

• This model is designed to be installed through an exterior or interior wall. It is not available as a ‘Thru-Door’ unit. • This model can accept a wide variety of quality pet doors which can be specified by the customer prior to manufacturing.

• It can be accessorized with a choice of illumination kits. The single bulb kit provides overhead illumination in front of the pet door. The dual bulb kit provides overhead illumination on both sides of the pet door.

• It can also be accessorized with a second, weatherproof pet door for installation through exterior walls in harsh weather areas.

“Victorian Slimline” Pet Door Surround


• The ‘Full Slimline’ model is designed to be installed in a prominent location where space is an issue and it can be seen and appreciated.

• This model is designed to be installed through an exterior or interior door. It can be manufactured as a thru-wall unit.

• This model can accept a wide variety of quality pet doors which can be specified by the customer prior to manufacturing.

• If used in a thru-wall application, it can be illuminated but only on the tunnel side.

• It can also be accessorized with a second, weatherproof pet door for installation through exterior walls in harsh weather areas. • It is designed to be protected from damage by a standard, residential door stop installed wither on the door or on the baseboard.

Quality and Craftsmanship


• Both models are designed as completely self-contained units ready to be installed.

• Both models are designed as a semi-modular construction allowing for different configurations per the customers needs.

• Both models are designed to accept a variety of high quality mechanical pet doors and custom accessories.


• Both models require the use of fourteen custom tooling fixtures for part manufacturing to insure accurate fit and part interchangeability.

• The Full Porch model is comprised of 38 separate parts; the Slimline model has 32 separate parts. All parts are manufactured, assembled and finished entirely by hand.


• Both models are solid wood products constructed from ash luan plywood, select pine board and a variety of hardwood decorative trim styles.

• There are no machine made parts. All parts are manufactured from scratch and assembled by hand with mechanical fasteners and waterproof glue.

• Each unit is hand sanded and finished with two coats of semi-gloss, latex paint.

• All electrical components are UL and CSA certified and conform to NEC standards.

All of our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States of America by Military Veterans.


News, Views and Other Good Stuff

When we started ‘The KATZ Class LLC’ we never thought we’d be involved in so much diversified and fun stuff! We’re doing Pet Trade Shows, Cat Competition Shows, developing a great website, designing brochures & exhibits, etc., but the most exciting is meeting new & interesting people on the pet industry circuit. The 27th Annual “America’s Family Pet Expo” is so taken with our ‘Victorian Pet Door Surrounds’ that they’ve scheduled us for a special TV spot! And, we just got our first special design request from a charming woman cat lover who’s building a million dollar, ultra-contemporary style home who wants an ultra-contemporary pet door surround. So our second design style is now under development! “Potpourri” is where we want to share all this good stuff with our customers and friends!

Great Pet Shows this Spring & Summer in California!

The West Coast’s largest Pet Expo returns to the ‘Orange County Fair & Event Center’ in southern California! Featuring Cats & Dogs, plus Fish, Birds and Frogs…and More! The 29th annual America’s Family Pet Expo is the largest pet and pet product expo. Exhibits include retailers, groomers, hobbyist, rescue organizations, breeders and pet experts. A highlight of the cat pavilion will be the “Championship Cat Show” presented and officiated by ‘The International Cat Association (TICA)”. If you’ve never been to an actual cat show and competition you’re in for a treat. In addition to seeing the most beautiful and unusual cats, you’ll also get a chance to meet & talk to top breeders and owners. We’re really looking forward to this show because of the show coordinators. They are so enthralled and excited about our line of “Victorian Pet Door Surrounds” that they have us scheduled for a special TV spot! So make sure you stop by Booth # 1237 and check out our products because there’s nothing like them on the market!

Earlier This Year – The Henderson Multicultural Center

The Henderson Multicultural Center Henderson, NV Friday March 9th Saturday March 10th Sunday March 11th Hosted by the ‘Henderson MultiCultural Center and officiated by ‘The International Cat Association’ (TICA), we were one of only seven vendors invited to attend. This small but popular show attracted top breeders and championship owners from Washington to Texas. It featured some of the most beautiful and unusual cats imaginable, but the showstopper was a twenty-four pound, first prize award winning Maine Coon!

Pet Expo 2018: World Market Center

World Market Center Las Vegas, NV Saturday Feb. 10th Sunday Feb. 11th “AMAZING PET EXPOS” has just held its 7th annual ‘Vegas Pet Expo’ at the World Market Center Pavilion where we introduced our new line of ‘Victorian Pet Door Surrounds’. The two day show attracted over 15,000 pet lovers who gave our products an enthusiastic and overwhelming positive response. Feedback from disappointed dog owners who wanted a larger door has us thinking about expanding our product line to include pets over 15 pounds!

New Products and Accessories

We’ve got some really cool accessories under development right now which will greatly enhance our Pet Door Surrounds! Although not yet available, they will be real soon. Check back here or call us directly for their status. We’ll keep you posted!

Integrated Litterbox Enclosure

Designed for house cat owners who want their litterbox in the garage without fear of their pet wandering outside when the garage door is open. Will feature a fully enclosed, powder-metal coated metal cage with an adjustable interlock to our Pet Door Surround. The cage will accommodate one large litter pan and feature two doors: one for access and another to change the litter.

Retrofit-able Extreme Weather Door

Designed to be retrofitted (or pre-installed by us) to our Pet Door Surrounds by pet owners who provide outdoor access in areas of extreme weather conditions. Will install the ‘PetSafe’ Extreme Weather Door that features a heavy duty triple flap which provides an airtight seal and a heavy duty closure for wind resistance.

1st Special Order Leads to New Product Development!

Pardee Homes is building some of the most beautiful and distinctive homes I’ve seen in my thirty-two years as a licensed Real Estate Agent at “Axis” in Henderson, NV. I met a charming woman cat lover there who loves our Pet Door Surrounds but didn’t feel the ‘Victorian’ style would conform to the ultra-contemporary style of the million dollar home she was having built. NO PROBLEM! We agreed to design and develop a special, ultra-contemporary Pet Door Surround for her that would enhance and complement the wonderful architectural and interior style of her new home! We’re targeting the end of June for introducing this new line of Pet Door Surrounds. Just in time for her to move into her new luxury home! We’ll keep you posted!

Owners & Installation Manual

Click Image for Full PDF Version

Our products a designed for persons with basic hand tool skills. If you can read a scale, draw a line, use a saw and a screwdriver, you can install the unit yourself. Each unit comes with a fully illustrated instruction manual which will guide you through the installation process is very easy steps. However, if you are unsure or uncomfortable about doing the installation yourself, we strongly suggest that you hire a competent contractor. A skilled handyman should be able to accomplish a basic installation in less than an hour.

Pet Training

We’re Smarter Than You Think!

Cats and dogs have a level of intelligence that we take for granted. Any cat or dog can be taught to use a pet door provided you’re willing to be their teacher. Depending on your pet, training can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks…but, you’ll be glad you did!

Why a Pet Door?

Having a pet door not only gives your pet a sense of freedom and independence, but also stops you from constantly being your pets doorman. There are two reasons to install a pet door: to control your pets access to areas of your house, or, to allow you pet access to the outside.

The Katz Class Pet Doors!

Our products incorporate the best pet doors on the market which are available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. However, because our products are designed mainly for cats, we use only the small size pet doors. This size is designed for pets up to 15 pounds.

Know Your Pet

Every pet has its own, unique personality but, more importantly its relationship with its owner is also unique (Dogs have owners – Cats have staff!). Understanding your pets personality and your relationship is the real basis for teaching your pet to use its door.

Training Methods

Even though I’ve been using a pet door for my all my cats for the past four decades, I did some research hoping to find some tips and tricks to help the new pet or new pet door owner. Googling “Pet Door Training” showed me that there are as many training methods as there are opinions but there are basically only two;
• Enticing your pet to use the door with special treats, or
• Getting on your hands and knees and working with your pet
Because only you know your pet, read some of these methods yourself and make your own decision. (I prefer the “Get on your hands and knees” method).

Regardless of the method you choose, there are points common to all;
• Training requires immense and continuous patience!
• You pet must understand there is a reason and a benefit to using the door. Dogs want & need to go into the backyard. Cats want & need privacy when using their litter box.
Once your pet realizes that the door is a good thing, it will always use it, even teaching other or new pets in a multi-pet household to use it too!

The Basics

Regardless of the method you choose, there are points common to all;
• Training requires immense and continuous patience!
• You pet must understand there is a reason and a benefit to using the door. Dogs want & need to go in to the backyard. Cats want & need privacy when using their litter box.

The Best Thing You Can Do…

…Is to interact with your pet on the most positive level possible. Domesticated pets actually need and thrive on a relationship with a human. Positive encouragement and lavish praise are the keys to success. TALK TO YOUR FRIEND!

The Worst Thing You Can Do…

…is to instill fear in your pet. IF YOUR PET BECOMES FEARFUL ABOUT THE PET DOOR OR NEGATIVE ABOUT YOUR TRAINING SESSIONS IT WILL REFUSE TO USE THE DOOR! Once this happens, your pet will rarely if ever change its mind! you did!

Things to Consider!

Making your pet fearful is usually done by the owner without even realizing the are doing it. Avoid the following actions when training your pet;
• Losing patience with your pets performance. Becoming negative, raising your voice or chastising your pet for lack of performance will make the training session an unpleasant activity that they will want to avoid.
• Forcing you pet to use the door. Either physically by pushing the animal through it or, psychologically by forcing the training. Keep the training sessions to no more than ten minutes a day but work with your pet every day!
• Not addressing you pets fears. Animals have an instinctive fear of the unknown so they MUST know what is on the other side of the door before it will go through it. Initially, clip or tape the door open so you pet can see what’s on the other side. Make sure that there is enough light – Pets can see in very low light conditions (especially cats) but they cannot see in the dark (ex. a garage with no windows).
• When your pet does start going through the door, make sure that nothing startles the animal while doing so. Loud noises or the flap dropping on the pets back are the usual offenders.

Pet Safety

If you pet door is to permit outside access, be advised that allowing your pet to roam free will reduce their life expectance by more than 50%. But, should you elect to allow your pet to roam free, at least get it microchipped.

Home Safety

If installed in an exterior wall, our doors are too small to admit burglars. But they can still admit other unwanted guests; neighbors pets, rodents, lizards, raccoons, tarantulas, scorpions, snakes, etc. There will also have an impact on your energy budget unless you install a ‘weatherproof’ door. (Call us for help with weatherproofing your new pet door).


Lifetime Warranty

I am very proud of the care and craftsmanship that goes into the design, engineering and manufacturing of our products. Our goal is to produce a product of such high quality that it will last more than a lifetime. Our intention is that they will not only be passed down as family heirlooms, but will also someday be regarded as valuable and desirable antiques. That’s why every Pet Door Surround comes with a Lifetime Warranty!


The KATZ Class’ guarantees your new “Pet Door Surround” to be free from defects of parts and workmanship at the time of delivery to the original purchaser.


‘The KATZ Class’ warrants your new “Pet Door Surround” for parts and labor. We will repair or replace your unit at our discretion at no charge except for shipping from the owner to ‘The KATZ Class’.


‘The KATZ Class’ warrants our products to the original purchaser for the lifetime of the unit.


‘The KATZ Class’ will not be responsible for and held harmless from any damage whatsoever to the residence of installation and use, nor any harm &/or injury to the pet(s) from using the unit.


The following conditions are specifically EXCLUDED from this warranty: [1] Damage caused by improper &/or unskillful installation &/or removal of the unit. [2] Damage caused by misuse &/or abuse to the unit wether installed or uninstalled. [3] Damage caused by excessive downward force on the Porch Model. [4] Installation &/or use in a commercial application. Commercial usage of any sort unless pre-approved by ‘The KATZ Class’ automatically voids the entire warranty. [5] Alteration to the unit of any kind. [6] Damage caused by inadequate &/or improper packing and/or shipping from the owner to ‘The KATZ Class’ (Shipping damage is usually covered by the shipper) [7] Problems with, damage to /or failure of the actual pet door. (See ‘Manufacturers Warranty’ included with your unit).


Before you make a warranty claim, contact us directly so we can analyze the problem and agree on a solution. DO NOT SHIP THE UNIT TO US WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST!

‘Victorian’ Surrounds

Full Porch Thru-Wall Model

• With Aluminum Door………………………….$389

• With Plastic Door……………………………….$379

• With Weather Door…………………………….$399

Slimline Thru-Wall Model

• With Aluminum Door………………………….$379

• With Plastic Door……………………………….$369

• With Weather Door…………………………….$389

Slimline Thru-Door Model

• With Aluminum Door………………………….$319

• With Plastic Door……………………………….$309

• With Weather Door…………………………….$329


Illumination (Includes 2 Bulbs)

• Single Lamp System………………………………………………………..$19

• Dual Lamp System………………………………………………………….$39

Two-Door Integrated Litter Box Enclosure

Not Yet Available*

Exterior Weather Door Retrofit Kit

Not Yet Available*

NOTICE: Prices are subject to change without notification unless secured by validated Purchase Order. *Under development – Call for availability.


Ordering is Easy! Just Follow Three Simple Steps;

FIRST; Place your order! The easiest way is to use our electronic purchase order form. Just scroll down to the PURCHASE ORDER below and type in your information. But if you prefer to talk to a person or if you’re not sure about anything, feel free to call us direct.
What we need to know;
– What model you want (Full Porch or Slimline, Thru-Wall or Thru-Door)
– What Pet Door you want (Our full line of Pet Doors is on our website)
– What special needs or customization you may want.
– What accessories you want included.
We also need;
– Your name, shipping address and contact information
– You payment preference and data (Debit, Credit or Personal Check)

SECOND: Authorize us to start your project. We will contact you when we’re ready to start manufacturing to confirm the specifics of your order. With your approval, you will be billed a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $100 which will be used to purchase materials.

THIRD: Authorize final payment and shipping! Again, we will contact you when we’re ready to ship (2 to 4 weeks after starting). With approval of your final billing statement for the balance due, and receipt of the balance due, we will ship your completed unit directly to you.

ABOUT PERSONAL SECURITY: We DO NOT keep financial data on file. Once your account is settled we permanently delete all of your financial information. We do keep your personal data (Name, Mailing Address, Contact Info, Model Details & Date of Purchase) for Warranty purposes.

Scroll Down for Purchase Order

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An initial deposit of $100.00 will be charged prior to starting my project. THE DEPOSIT IS NON REFUNDABLE.
Balance Due
I will be contacted directly by Email/ Telephone when my project is ready to ship. I will be charged for the balance due prior to shipping.
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  • Electronic submission is equivalent of your signature.
  • You will be notified of your receipt of your order by email. You will be contacted by telephone if we need clarification or additional information.
Confirmation: Thank you for placing an order. Your order will now be processed.

Contact Us

We’d Like to Hear from You!

Should you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. There’s no Customer Service Department: we answer the phone & email ourselves!


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Design & engineering of all ‘The KATZ Class™ ‘Decorative Pet Door Surrounds’ and Accessories are protected by U.S. Patent Law under “PATENT PENDING”. Reproduction either in entirety or in part is prohibited except under the specific, written license of The KATZ Class LLC.


The KATZ Class™ is a registered Trademark of The KATZ Class LLC.


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Liability is specifically limited by the terms and conditions of our warranty. The KATZ Class LLC will not be responsible for and held harmless from any damage whatsoever to the residence of installation and use, nor any harm &/or injury to the pet(s) from using the unit.

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